Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Budget decisions

At the back end of last year, the Lib Dems in Liverpool agreed to work jointly with other parties on the Council on developing the Council's budget.

We have some disagreements about some of what's been said about the figures, but putting that aside the group voted to try to co operate over discussing the various options.

I went to a Councillors' briefing last week about this and there's one tomorrow night also.

Last week I have to say I was impressed by the attitude of just about everybody.  Liberal Councillor Steve Radford spoke very well I thought when he said it was up to all of us to be honest about the need for cuts and not to play politics with the situation. It would have been easy for the session to degenerate into a row - but it didn't which I think says a lot for everyone.

Anyway, one of the things we are keen for people to do is to send in some of their own thoughts and views.

There is an online form which gives people the opportunity not only to suggest things but to see the implications of some of the suggestions.  The results will, I am told, be reported back to us before we vote on anything.  The form is open until the 20th of this month (Feb) and you can find it here.

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