Friday, 11 February 2011

Liverpool Cricket Club and Traffic

At the Regeneration and Transport Select committee last night (10th February) I raised (in a joint motion with Mossley Hill Lib Dem Cllr Ron Gould) the problems some of my constituents have when there is a big event at Liverpool Cricket Club.

The major events, like the County Cricket matches, give local people the chance to see good cricket.  They also however can cause parking problems and safety problems in the streets nearby.

Anyway, it was agreed that the first step is a site visit to the location during one of the major events, and we've picked the one that looks most likely to generate crowds - a Lancashire Yorkshire match.

Hopefully this will give us a clearer idea of the state of the problem while helping us come up with whatever solutions are needed.

The date is a little way off yet, but I will update as and when I can.

The text of the motion will be available on the Regeneration and Transport Select Committee section of the Council website which is here

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