Thursday, 25 July 2013

Brodie Avenue phone mast update (25th July)

I reported earlier on the application from Vodafone to make the existing phone mast on Brodie Avenue ( near the junction with Lanville Road) taller and to add more cabinets.

The Council reports today that the application has been withdrawn.  This is because Vodafone wasn't able to properly explain what it would do to protect the trees nearby (the ones planted to help disguise the mast in the first place).

This doesn't mean it's all over now but it does mean that this current application can't go any further.

Initial good new for those residents who were angered at Vodafone's previous behaviour at this site.

Friday, 19 July 2013

Recipe competition

I've just received details of a recipe competition to come up with ideas for using up leftover food.

It's organised by our local waste disposal authority.  I've pasted the details below.

Entries by budding cooks and chefs are arriving for the Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority (MRWA) recipe competition but organisers are calling for more in advance of the deadline on 6th August.
The campaign - called ‘Make 28 Taste Great’ - has been launched in response to the fact that 28% of waste in Merseyside and Halton is food waste. As much as £50 a month can be saved by using leftovers more effectively and by local shopping.
The recipe competition is looking for smart ways to use leftovers and ingredients easily at hand to create healthy meals.
Entries are encouraged in two age groups 11-17 and 18 plus. There are three categories for each age group - a starter, main course and pudding or drink.
Widnes born, celebrity chef Brian Mellor is helping judge and support the 12 shortlisted entries who will be invited to cook for him and special guests on August 14th or 19th at Liverpool Community College’s restaurant, The Academy.
The judges will decide the winning six ‘signature’ recipe cards available from October. There are further prizes for the six winners who will be announced at Liverpool Food and Drink Festival.
MRWA wants to know who can make the most of their leftovers - it might be a recipe passed down by your Mum or something you’ve invented with the contents of your fridge and store cupboard one night.
Entry forms are available at libraries, One Stop Shops and throughout the region. Entries are also encouraged on the web site where visitors to the site can understand more about saving food waste with links to

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Training/apprenticeship opportunity for 16 and 17 year olds - central Liverpool.

I'm pasting below an advertisment for what sounds like a great scheme for 16 or 17 year olds with few exam passes but with a willingness to learn.

It's a pre apprenticeship training scheme with Liverpool University which is part course and part work placement. 

There's an information event in early August but they won't take any applications after 31 July so the deadline is quite tight.  Anyway, there's a phone number towards the end of the pasted on bit for enquiries.

(pasted on info from Liverpool University and partners starts here)

Are you aged 16-17 (Not in Employment, Education or Training) and interested in working for a major local employer?

University of Liverpool in partnership with Liverpool City Council and City of Liverpool College are to launch an exciting new programme, generating a range of opportunities to undertake administrative and practical activities in the University’s different departments.

The Opportunity

• 24 week Pre-apprenticeship commencing September 2013 and finishing March 2014

• Opportunities for a paid Work Placement in University Departments

What you can expect

• Whilst in work placement to be paid £3.68/hour

• 12 week College based Study Programme working towards a level 1 qualification

• 12 week paid “Work Placement” in the University.

• Guaranteed progression interviews for all candidates

Who we are looking for?

We are looking to recruit 30 young people who:

• Are dependable, reliable & have a willingness to learn

• Have good interpersonal skills & enjoy being a team player

• Listen to others, treating them with respect and generosity

• Have or expect to have GCSE Grades D - F

Applications and expression of interest from black, minority and disabled groups will be most welcome.

How to apply for these opportunities Application Packs – to be available at Information Event only!

Please book to attend Information Presentation by ringing Hotline Number 0845 013 1515 You will need to provide your full name, age, address and contactable phone number

Presentation: 2.00pm – 5.00pm on 6th August 2013 at the City of Liverpool College, Arts Centre, Myrtle Street, Liverpool L7 7JA Bookings will not be taken later than 31st July 2013.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Greenhill/Melbreck area residents' association

I've just been to the third meeting of the Greenhill/Melbreck residents' association.  I've been working with local people to get something going in that part of L18 .  We had a general set up session which identified some key issues and the next two meetings were on themes - one on policing type topics and tonight's on the local environment.  Obviously you can't solve every problem with a few meetings but there's a core of local people now and the group should be able to go on and be successful in helping make the area better.

If you  live in the area you should have had at least one leaflet through your door about meetings, but if not and you'd like to go on the e mail list to be kept up to date, just drop me an e mail at  I'll need your address as well as we need to keep a list of members (membership costs nothing!)

L19 and L18 planning decisions next week.

Next weeks meeting of the Liverpool City Council planning committee will see decisions being taken on applications for housing at Booker Avenue and at Beechwood Road/Beechwood Gardens.

The committee meets on Tuesday 23rd July.

You can see the agenda, and reports, at this link.

You might need to scroll down a bit.  The items are number six and number ten.

Money available for youth projects

Groups of young people, or organisations working with young people, have until early October to bid for a share of a fund to pay for activities in the community (either locally or across Liverpool).

It's City Council money and the decision making will involve young people themselves with reps from the Schools Parliament and Schools Councils taking part.

Information about the fund, and an application form, is at this link.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Sticky fingers in Garston

The Sticky Fingers toddlers group will be having sessions especially for parents and toddlers in L19 at Funtown in Garston village every Monday morning.

It's 9 30 to 11 and costs £2 50.

Good luck to all the mums, dads, helpers and youngsters.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Long Lane (Garston) - phone mast

Vodafone wants to replace the phone mast roughly opposite 88 Long Lane with a higher version and some extra cabinets.  This is an amendment to a planning application that came in earlier this year.  The mast at the moment is 12 metres and the proposed new one is 17 - with more "antennae".

You can see the details, and make comments, at this link.

IM Marsh parking restrictions

The story of whether or not to introduce parking restrictions (apart from for residents) near IM March campus has been a long and drawn out one with at least two sessions at the City Council to date and some legal measures.

I've now heard that there will be a decision making meeting to hear all the various objections etc on 9th July at the Town Hall.

The agenda should appear at this link  by the end of the day (1st July)

Free boilers for older people

Age Concern Liverpool and Sefton are involved in a scheme which can provide free boilers for older people who own their own homes or who are in private rented accommodation.  It's part of a system of Government rules which say that energy companies have to put something back by funding things like this.

I've pasted below a press release about the scheme.  It's a bit wordy but the contact details are at the end:

Free Boilers to older people across Merseyside

Liverpool Construction Company, Fletchrose, has teamed up with Age Concern Liverpool & Sefton to deliver a programme of free boiler replacements for older people across Merseyside.

Under the Affordable Warmth ECO Scheme (Energy Companies Obligation) home owners and people living in private rented accommodation are entitled to receive a fully fitted high performance boiler as part of a commitment to reduce carbon footprint and tackle fuel poverty by the UK’s leading energy firms.

Fletchrose currently deliver heating services to both the commercial and private markets and have the resources and processes in place to step up their service delivery, and cater for the needs of those affected under the ECO scheme. Age Concern Liverpool & Sefton has partnered with Fletchrose in a bid to raise awareness of the initiative to the many homeowners across Merseyside that may well benefit from the scheme.

Paul Durose, Chief Executive of Fletchrose said: “There is a large pot of money that must be spent by the energy companies under their wider obligation identified by the government. We want to ensure that people are aware and are able to benefit from this opportunity. Also, it is not just older people who qualify for this incentive; people in receipt of certain other benefits may also meet the criteria and therefore achieve savings through the replacement of their current boiler free of charge.

“Alongside Age Concern Liverpool & Sefton, we aim to drive this initiative forward and raise awareness to the thousands of older people that this affects. Gas prices as we all know are spiralling in a way that is inconsistent with any increase in Government pension support. A high performing boiler can help significantly reduce energy bills, improve efficiency and warm up homes – therefore impacting directly upon the standard of living of those affected.”

Age Concern Liverpool & Sefton added:

“We believe this initiative will play a major role in helping to keep older people warm and safe and welcome the opportunity to work with Fletchrose to improve the lives of older people in our community”.

For more details and to see if you could qualify for a free replacement boiler, please contact Age Concern Liverpool & Sefton on 0151 330 5678.