Friday, 28 January 2011

Garston waste site - another blow for local people

Since Jack Allen Holdings won their planning appeal over the waste site in Garston (next to the Cressington Heath housing development) we've been working with local residents to find ways of stopping the plant being built.

It wasn't just Jack Allen we were against.  It was the whole idea of a waste plant in a regeneration area quite so near to people's houses.

But Jack Allen was the immediate threat.  If you look back through this blog you'll see several pieces about the various things we and local people have tried as part of the campaign.

The current situation is that the plant isn't being built yet and Jack Allen are still looking to see if they can get a contract for the waste (no point building if there is no work)

However another piece of news today has dealt another blow to our hopes

As part of a wider plan, Liverpool is meant to designate an official sub regional waste site.  It hasn't done so yet but whichever site is chosen will effectively have the local authority's seal of approval as the location for treating waste.

The agenda for next Friday's City Council cabinet meeting has been published.  And the bad news is that the Stalbridge Dock site is the chosen place.  If this goes ahead that would mean that, even if Jack Allen said goodbye, this would be the identified site for waste plants.  The prospect of persuading any waste developer to choose elsewhere disappears.

Needless to say this is a blow we had hoped not to receive.

The decision gets taken by the Council's Cabinet meeting next Friday.  It is up to the Labour administration.  The decision does, to be fair, involve a six week consultation period, but I rather suspect thats a consultation where we say we disagree and the reply is "tough".

We will do what we can to lobby against this.  But we thought we ought to let Garston people know.

Information about the Cabinet meeting is available at this address .

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Allerton road - improvements mean slower traffic next month

Next month some work's going to start on Allerton Road, L18. The Council says that improvements will be going on to streetlights etc and its all being paid for because of an agreement made between the Council and Tesco as part of a planning application.

While this is going on though, there'll be times when the traffic is one lane rather than two lanes, which will have a knock on effect for anyone driving that way into town or back  on the 86 bus or one of the others that goes along that road.

So this is really a bit of advance notice for people who can use another route.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Good news - Bankfield House site

Good news on the e mail today! 

A planning application's going in for new houses on the site of the former Bankfield House (this is at the Banks Road/Brunswick Street junction)

The plan is for 18 properties - all with three bedrooms.

Obviously there are a lot of steps before this becomes approved, built and occupied but its great to see some progress.

People have been  living next to/opposite what has become a fly tipping location for a while now and I am sure this will come as good news to them.

Mersey tidal barrage consultation

There've been a series of exhibitions by Peel Energy about proposals for a "tidal barrage". 

Obviously however there'll be people with a lot to say about this who simply couldn't get to the exhibitions.

Here is the link to the website about the proposals and the consultation.

There has already been some comment on this, both pro and anti.  Here is a link to an organisation with concerns about what's being suggested.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Awards night for children and young people

Last year I went to a brilliant awards night in South Liverpool called Celebrating Success.  We were celebrating achievement by children and young people across our area.

This March will see another ceremony and the organisers are looking for nominations.  The deadline is 28th January so its a bit tight but there is still time to nominate a person or a group.

I've posted below a copy of the letter with the various categories in it.  If you want a form or more information please e mail me and I'll pass your details on to one of the organisers.  My e mail is

Letter extract starts here:

Categories are as follows:

ECO/GREEN AWARD (5-11 year old; 11-19 year old; group)

Evidence of interest in and development of eco-friendly; environmentally “green” activities in school, at home or in the community.

HEALTHY LIFESTYLE (5-11 year old; 11-19 year old; group)

Child, young person or group making improvement to own lifestyle(s) and/or contributing to the developments of healthy lifestyle practices.

YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR (5-11 year old; 11-19 year old; group)

Child or young person showing the ability to lead and manage; to develop a business idea into reality; to raise funds through a business approach.

MOST IMPROVED SCHOOL ATTENDANCE (5-11 year old 11-19 year old)

School or partner agency to identify child or young person who has formerly been a persistent absentee and who has improved and sustained improved school attendance.


Schools to identify and recognise positive academic outcomes including SATs; GCSE, A-levels; significant improvement in reading, writing and maths.


A child or young person who has faced significant personal challenge with determination and resilience, showing great staying power and not giving in or giving up.

MAKING A DIFFERENCE (5-11 year old; 11-19 year old; group)

Child, young person or group making a personal and dedicated difference to school, community group or home-someone, that has ‘gone the extra mile’.

OUTSTANDING VOLUNTEER (5-11 year old; 11-19 year old; group)

A child, young person or group who has contributed his/her own time and effort for the benefit of others.

COMMUNITY COHESION (5-11 year old; 11-19 year old; group)

A child, young person or group involved in activities aimed at improving the local community through respect, tolerance and understanding.

CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS (5-11 year old; 11-19 year old; group)

This is a new category were the judging panel will decide on an overall winner out of all categories for South Liverpool Neighbourhood.

If appropriate, the panel may change the category of any application and advise you of this.

Children, young people and groups can be nominated by their peers, school staffs, community and youth groups, housing associations, friends, neighbours, ward Councillors and voluntary organisations. PERMISSION MUST BE SOUGHT from the child, young person or group before any nomination is submitted ensuring agreement for the name (s) to go forward to the assessment panel. Closing date for nominations is 28th January 2011.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

LDL recordings - update

Some time ago I blogged about Liverpool Direct Limited recording of citizens' phone calls.  I was concerned about the controls that did, or didn't exist, around when the calls were played back and to who.  I sent in an FOI and got an answer which actually contradicted the experience of one of my constituents.  So I sent in a follow up.  I did say in an earlier blog that I would update on this so, although the second answer came a little while ago, here it is.

Council questions

In advance of City Council meetings we get the chance to ask questions of the various Cabinet members in written form.  The questions and answers are published on the City Council website.  I asked two this time - both about costs of various activities.  Here is a link to the first question which is about City Magazine. 

I have no idea whether this will stay or whether it will go but Labour were keen ahead of the election to get rid of it if it couldn't cover its costs through external advertising.

Friday, 14 January 2011

Danger fears - Jack Allen waste site update - explosion in similar plant.

Since the Planning Inspector agreed that Jack Allen holdings could have planning permission to build a waste plant in Garston (near the Cressington Heath and Cressington Grange housing developments) , residents have been worrying about how things would develop.

(Efforts have still been going on to try to prevent this , including urging the City Council Administration to look for other sites, something I am told they are doing)

However fears have been hightened this week by an incident at a plant in South Yorkshire.  An explosion has led to a death and to huge amounts of damage.  The plant uses autoclave technology (the same as that to be used in Garston).  You can read more about the story here ( the use of the word incinerator tends to be media shorthand for any sort of factory that processes waste these days so please bear that in mind!)

Now imagine you live just over 100 yards from the site (which some people do).  How would you feel if you thought the thing might explode?

Of course it would be wrong to make people uneccesarily scared.  But it's clear to me that this incident needs to be investigated, not just in terms of what happened in Rotherham but what it means for other plants using the autoclave technology.

Residents living near the plant site have started to write letters asking for the potential safety of the Garston site to be looked at again in the context of the Rotherham explosion.  It strikes me too that it can't be in Jack Allen Holdings' interests for uncertainty and fear to develop around this and Jack Allen should be in the forefront of those insisting on a safety review.

We, that is the Lib Dem Councillor and others who've been invovled in trying to resist this scheme, will be working with residents to see that Garston isn't put at risk of a big explosion.