Monday, 25 April 2011

Ebrington/Bowden alleygate update

Rather a delay in updating on this one but this is an update on the rather long running story about attempts to get an alleygate in this part of Garston.

The decision meeting took place earlier this month (third time lucky after one change of date and one sudden cancellation)

I was at work that day so can't give any first person report but my colleagues Peter Millea and Richard Oglethorpe were there and spoke at the meeting.

The alleygate application was agreed.

Details from the meeting are available here

Allotment story update

Thanks to the resident who sent me a really helpful e mail about allotments and about a DCLG consultation on local authority duties that looks relevant to my research.  When I have more news and links, will post again. But just wanted to say thanks!

Fairness Commission starts

The good news is that the Liverpool Fairness Commission (new name for the Poverty Commission) has started work.

We had a kick off meeting a few weeks ago and there's now a schedule which starts next month and looks like giving several good sessions to look at issues of fairness in Liverpool and the wider Liverpool area

We already have some of the Commissioners sorted - reps from business, the unions etc - but I know that we are also looking to recruit a few more (letters have already gone out)

There doesn't seem to be a weblink I can post to details about the commission yet, but as soon as I find one, or one is set up, I'll post the link.

Meanwhile, as a member myself, I'll report back on what goes on.

Liverpool Cricket Club update

I blogged earlier about the upcoming meeting to decide whether or not to let Liverpool Cricket Club have a licence for marquee events all year round.

The meeting took place earlier this month.  There was quite a debate. Residents who had opposed the application argued that there would be far too much noise and disturbance.  The club said it had agreed to monitor the noise, to limit number of events to 50 in the year, and to give notice to residents.
The residents believed that even with these measures, there would be far too much disturbance.

Peter Millea, Ron Gould and I were there to make points about disturbance.

In the end the committee decided to give the club permission but with some restrictions.  The number of events next year will be limited to 25 and the amount of notice given to neighbours will be 14 days. 

We delivered a note updating people about this shortly after the meeting.

The actual decision is available on the City Council website here.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Garston Skatepark meeting - reminder - 18 April

The young people working on plans for a skatepark in Garston are inviting anyone interested, or anyone with queries, to come along to a meeting tomorrow.

Its 7pm at the Urban Village Hall on Banks Road

Queries to Brendan at

Friends of Garston Park - park improvements.

Thanks to Friends of Garston Park, there've been some improvements to our park this Spring.  The Friends raised money for a new noticeboard (for the Island Road side) and for new benches to create some more "quiet places" to sit.

The board is already being used for some Friends and Community notices and the benches went in just this week (although we know they are already being used)

The Friends raised money for both these projects by holding raffles and sales, but also by applying to funds.  They received money from the Councillors Initiative Fund for Cressington and from the Grassroots Fund.  the City Council also helped out.

It's great to see these very solid examples of the Friends' work.  Other activities have included planting, regular Litter Picks and a presence at the Garston Park Fun Day (more about this year's Fun Day later)

If you want information about the Friends you can either contact me (I am a committee member) or have a look at our site at

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

More on skatepark meeting -18th April

I went to a meeting last week with a very impressive group of young people who want to create a skatepark in Garston.

Skatepark is probably the wrong word as we are talking about something BMX riders could use as well.

They've found a potential location, in the grounds of the Urban Village Hall on Banks Road.

They know that there's a long way to go, and that includes talking to local residents and answering questions. They need to be able to reassure people about noise and about how it could all be managed.

So there's a meeting to get people's views this Monday - 18th - at 7pm at the village hall.

The young people have produced a video which includes shots of skateboarding, but also interviews with people like police officers talking about how  a skatepark would benefit the area in a crime prevention way.

Anyway, its a really interesting project.  Do go along if you can and want to know more. (I know the young people are keen to get local people there - they are out delivering leaflets as I write!)

The key contact is Brendan Burton who is a local youth worker.  He is at

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Liverpool Cricket club - update

The Licensing Committee meets next week to decide whether or not to let Liverpool Cricket Club have what amounts to a year round license for events using a marquee. Local people are worried about a string of noisy night time events.

Peter Millea and I have sent in objections as has Mossley Hill Cllr Ron Gould.

There is a bit of coverage of the issue on the Post and Echo website today.  You can link across to it here

Information about the committee, including the agenda for this particular meeting, is available here

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Skateboard park for Garston?

Local youth workers and others are inviting Garston people to turn up to a meeting later this month to discuss a possible skate park (which could also be used for other activities) in Garston.  There's a potential site under the bridge.

The meeting is on Monday 18th April at the Village Hall on Banks Road at 7pm.

I don't have many details myself about this, although I have promised to tell people about the meeting.

(I'll be getting  a bit more of a briefing later this week)

If you want to know more, Brendon Burton, local youth worker, is the person to ask.

He is at