Thursday, 28 August 2014

Short survey on St Mary's Road

You may already know that a project called Pocket Places, run by Sustrans, is looking at how we can brighten up and improve the shared space on St Mary's Road.  They've already organised some consultations, and there's another event coming up on 13th September.

But they're also keen to make sure that as many people as possible have a chance to have a say and get involved.

So if you live near, work on or near or use St Mary's Road, do please fill in the survey  here

The deadline is 30th September.

New planning applications in our area - L19.

There are a couple of planning applications in our area which residents might like to look at.  Both will be open for comments (one currently is, the other isn't yet)

The first is for more than 80 new properties on the old Greenhill nursery site.  The link is here

This second one is for changes to a house in Long Lane - no 15 - to a HMO (bedsits)

When you look at these planning pages, you'll find all the detail (layouts etc) in a bit called Related Documents which is right at the bottom of the page.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Booker Avenue - new shop licence

This is a reminder to anyone who wants to send in a comment on the application from the Co op to sell alcohol from their new store (if they get planning permission for a stop there) on Booker Avenue (at the Greenhill road junction)

The deadline for comments is a bit later this month (August).

You can find brief details of the application, plus a handy form for comments, at this link.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Heydean Road Gardens

These are before and after pictures of the communal garden at Heydean Road flats.  The garden has been tended by residents and has won prizes in the past.  However tree removal by landlord Liverpool Mutual Homes has left a tree root not properly removed making part of the garden not useable and a it of an eyesore.

One of the residents has tried to get LMH to remedy this to no avail.  It's a shame that a garden that was a source of occupation, and pleasure, to some elderly residents has been left this way. (Admittedly these pictures don't show it as clearly as they could but the give an indication)

I've written to LMH to ask them to remove the tree root so the gardeners can get to work on that spot.

Get local news directly

I research and produce regular e mails with news and information about South Liverpool (mainly L19 and L18).  If you want to start getting these, you can sign up at this link.

They used to be once a month but they are now twice a month. 

It's a good way of getting early information about what's planned or suggested in our area.

Booker Avenue planning = new shop unit?

I blogged earlier about the planning application for a shop unit, plus a  couple of houses, and some parking at the junction of Booker Avenue and Greenhill Road. (We now know that the intention is for the shop to be one of the Co op local stores) The deadline for comments passed yesterday.  When I have a date for planning committee, or any other info, I'll blog again.  Meanwhile, here are the comments I sent in.

Comments on planning application  14F/1140
Booker Avenue.

 I am a former City Councillor for this area and so know the issues at this location well.  In addition I have been recently contacted by residents about this.

This plot of land has been a blight on the area for some time with a general failure by landowner to keep it clean and by the council to ensure cleansing around the perimeter.  It is good news  that there are proposals to stop this being the local potential dumping ground.

However, this location is at a junction which already has problems which could be exacerbated by this development.  These are mainly traffic related and are around parking, road safety and the difficulties of negotiating the junction at times.

Already selfish parking linked to use of existing retail is a major problem, with narrow roads being dangerous to turn out of and pavement and driveways blocked.  Should this development go ahead, the developer should fund H markings outside those properties most likely to be affected and the council should look at measures at junctions with nearby narrow roads. I am aware that the development includes parking spaces, but if staff parking needs are considered, these spaces may not be sufficient.

The junction at Greenhill Road and Booker Avenue can be difficult and potentially dangerous for drivers and pedestrians.  More traffic here can only make this worse.  Should this development go ahead, a condition should be the funding of traffic lights or other measures at the junction that will make both crossing the road and turning into and out of Greenhill Road easier.

There are complaints about litter near this junction and a condition about the provision of litter bins should be included in any planning agreement.


Tuesday, 22 July 2014

St Mary's Road event coming up

The people from Pocket Places have another event coming up on St Mary's Road next week.

Pocket Places is run by Sustrans and funded through he Health Lottery.  In Garston Pocket Places are looking at what we can do to improve the shared space on St Mary's Road (mainly the bit from the old Co op up towards the library)

The team have had a few pop up consultation events and are now organising a report back on 26th July (Saturday).

From 11 till 2 they'll be on the pavement outside the old Co op with feedback and another chance to have a say.  There'll also be bike advice, cold drinks and cake.