Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Planning applications in our area

I produce an e mail bulletin which contains details of planning applications but between times I highlight some of them here so people don't miss the deadlines for comments.

The planning committee decided, earlier this month, to agree to plans for a Co op and houses at the junction of Greenhill Road and Booker Avenue (where the petrol station used to be years ago).  The minutes of the meeting can be seen here.

Garston C of E School has an application in for an extension. The details are here. Deadline for comments is 31 March.

There is a proposal to develop the Cressington House site for housing (St Mary's Road).  Comments are not open yet (don't be confused by the odd looking date) but what details there are are at this link.

Plans for the development of the Mansion House in Calderstones Park ( to make it into an education centre) have come in from The Reader Organisation.  The details are here and the comments deadline is 31 March.

Housing planned for the former Watergate School site.  Deadline for comments is 26 March.  Details here.

Applications for alcohol sale licenses have come in from Martins on Allerton Road and from 58 St Mary's Road.  The list of details and deadlines, plus a form for anyone who wants to comment, is at this link.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Booker Avenue Co op - planning committee decision

Liverpool's planning committee today voted to agree to plans for a Co op on the bit of vacant land at the junction of Greenhill Road and Booker Avenue (there was a petrol station here some time ago)

Councillors were asked to delay the decision so that they could have a look at the site for themselves but refused.

Given that local residents are worried about increasing traffic problems at that junction, it seems irresponsible in the extreme for the committee to not even be prepared to come and have a look.

I'll post a link to the paperwork for the meeting when it is available. 

The link is here.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Update on planning applications in our area

Along with the Greenhill Road/Booker Avenue shop application (see previous post), there are a couple of others people might want to know about.

There are plans to put housing on the site of the old Garston Market. The details are at this link and you can comment up to 10 March.

ASDA on St Mary's Road also wants to be able to open 24 hours a day.  The details are at this link and comments are on until 9 March.

The bulk of the info in each case is in a bit called "Related Documents".

Planning applications in our area

Liverpool's planning committee meets next week (Tuesday 10th) to decide on the application for a shop (and houses) on the plot of land at the junction of Greenhill Road and Booker Avenue (this is the bit that was a petrol station quite some time ago).

The council report to the meeting is at this link.

I sent in comments which were around the need for traffic measures at that junction as it can already be hard for vehicles to use it and for people to cross safely.  This is potentially more of a problem because of the new housing on the other side of the road.

It's taken a while for this to get to the committee because there were some changes in the plans which meant there had to be more opportunity for neighbours and others to comment.

The link to the whole agenda, which has time and venue and the other details is here.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Interested in Friends of Garston Park?

The Friends of Garston Park have  a meeting coming up this week.  If you want to get involved, or find out more, do pop along.  It's 6 30 in the Garston Leisure Centre on Friday 21st.  (We usually use a table in the women's gym bit which is closed then)

Garston Carnival committee setting up

I went to a meeting tonight to make some progress on bringing back the Garston Carnival.  Our idea is to have a procession which finishes at the Garston Fun Day.  It's not till June but there's quite a lot of planning to do before then.

Anyway, we got a committee group and sorted out some planning.  It's hard to picture a summer carnival when we are going into winter, but I am sure come June it'll all pay off with a great day.

We'll be setting up a separate Facebook Group so do watch out for it. Meanwhile, if you want to get involved and missed tonight's meeting, drop me an e mail so I can make sure someone gets in touch.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Planning applications in our area - updated Nov 18th 2014

The Council looks set to approve the plans for a skatepark at Dingle Bank in Garston.  The decision has not been published yet but the report at this link is recommending approval without any planning committee discussion.  (You need to look at the case officer report)

The National Trust is applying to make some changes to the opening hours at 20 Forthlin Road.  The full details aren't published yet, which means the comments function isn't enabled, but the info will be at this link (scroll down and click on Related Documents for the bulk of the info)

Comments are now open on the plans for a few flats on Beechwood Road. Once again the bulk of hte info is in Related Documents.  Here is the link to the first page.

ASDA at Hunts Cross is applying to change its licensing agreement to sell alcohol round the clock.  Very brief details, plus a feedback form, are on the Council website here.