Friday, 28 January 2011

Garston waste site - another blow for local people

Since Jack Allen Holdings won their planning appeal over the waste site in Garston (next to the Cressington Heath housing development) we've been working with local residents to find ways of stopping the plant being built.

It wasn't just Jack Allen we were against.  It was the whole idea of a waste plant in a regeneration area quite so near to people's houses.

But Jack Allen was the immediate threat.  If you look back through this blog you'll see several pieces about the various things we and local people have tried as part of the campaign.

The current situation is that the plant isn't being built yet and Jack Allen are still looking to see if they can get a contract for the waste (no point building if there is no work)

However another piece of news today has dealt another blow to our hopes

As part of a wider plan, Liverpool is meant to designate an official sub regional waste site.  It hasn't done so yet but whichever site is chosen will effectively have the local authority's seal of approval as the location for treating waste.

The agenda for next Friday's City Council cabinet meeting has been published.  And the bad news is that the Stalbridge Dock site is the chosen place.  If this goes ahead that would mean that, even if Jack Allen said goodbye, this would be the identified site for waste plants.  The prospect of persuading any waste developer to choose elsewhere disappears.

Needless to say this is a blow we had hoped not to receive.

The decision gets taken by the Council's Cabinet meeting next Friday.  It is up to the Labour administration.  The decision does, to be fair, involve a six week consultation period, but I rather suspect thats a consultation where we say we disagree and the reply is "tough".

We will do what we can to lobby against this.  But we thought we ought to let Garston people know.

Information about the Cabinet meeting is available at this address .

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