Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Art project -reminder

Don't forget the first meeting for the Garston Park art project.  It's 6pm tomorrow (24th) at the leisure centre.  You don't have to be good at art - all you need is ideas.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Friends of Garston Park - loads happening

Just back from a meeting of the Friends of Garston Park.  It was our last actual meeting before Christmas but we have loads of activities between now and then so perhaps it's just as well.

Tomorrow, as well as the regular morning litter pick we've got wildflower planting as part of the creation of two wildflower meadows on the park.

Next week (24th November) we've got the kick off meeting for our art project - 6pm at the Leisure Centre.  We'll be commissioning some community artists so you don't actually have to be a dab hand with a brush to take part.

And on 8th December at 10 30 we'll be planting the first of our extra trees.

If you want to join in any of this and want more information, do drop me an e mail at

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Down Syndrome Liverpool

While out knocking on doors this evening I came across a lady who is involved in a charity called Down Syndrome Liverpool.

I hadn't heard of this group before but from what she said they do really good work.

Anyway, when I got home I looked them up and they certainly seem very active

Here is the link to their website.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Garston Park Art project - update

If you want to join in the Garston Park Art project, do come along to our first meeting on 24th November at 6pm at the Leisure Centre (off Long Lane)

We are looking for people who want to get involved in generating ideas and generally helping with our project to create a mural around the outside of the sports pitches on the park.

These walls look a bit "prison like" so we want to paint some of them and do some planting to soften the lines of the others.

You don't need to be an artist to take part.. simply someone interested in having a say and helping make a difference in the park.

 And if you want to get involved in other Friends of Garston Park activities, do come along to our next meeting which is 18th November at 6 30 at the Long Lane Church.

Garston Park Church info

Garston Park Church is starting a lunch club from this Monday.  Information is available on 0151 427 2574.

The Church has also got its Chrismas fair next weekend (19th)

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Friends of Garston Park - next meeting and tree planting

The Friends of Garston Park have their next general meeting on Friday 18th November at 6 30pm at Long Lane Church. Do come along if you want to get involved.

The Saturday is our normal litter picking day but we may be out there planting new trees instead.

Garston Old Road off licence application - update

We had good news a while ago when the licensing committee of Liverpool City Council turned down the application to sell alcohol from the building on the corner of Garston Old Road and Stormont Road. Arguments included the fact that the building was opposite Clarendon College ( a school and nursery) and that this could add to anti social behaviour on Garston Park.

The bad news, if you are opposed to alcohol sales here, is that the applicants have appealed.  There'll be a hearing in the magistrates court to decide whether or not the licensing committee made the right decision.  I've written to residents to let them know and the Council will write to people who had official objections in by the deadline.

I'll be giving evidence in the magistrates court as part of this but we don't have the date yet.  I'll update when I can.

Takeaway on Greenhill road -update

A few weeks ago  a planning application for a takeaway on Greenhill Road (by the corner with Melbreck) was turned down.  Local people were pleased because there'd been all sorts of worries about smells, litter, traffic etc.

I've now heard that another application has come in for the same site.  It's still an application for a takeaway from the same person although the opening hours are a bit different and there are different arrangements for the fumes and the front of the shop.

I've had a look at the application and to be honest it presents the same problems as the earlier one so I have objected.

I'm not sure how widely the official letters will go about this but I have written to people living nearby to let them know.

The deadline for comments is later in November.  You can find basic details on the City Council's website here

Animal rescue in Garston

While out door knocking today in South Liverpool I called on a house in Garston where the owner runs an animal rescue sanctuary. 

She takes in dogs, cats, puppies, kittens and others that have been abandonned.

I am not sure I could live in a house so completely full of animals but this lady's commitment was so impressive. She ploughs all her earnings back into the charity and works so hard to look after, and rehome, the animals.

Some of the ones I saw today were rather ill - the dog with cancer was particularly sad. But others were just waiting for a home.

I asked about her motivation and it seems she started off years ago by rescuing a few abandonned cats in town.

She is the only thing between some of these poor animals and being out down.

It's great meeting someone like that and I learned a lot about cat care from her ( I also may have agreed to adopt a kitten when the litter she has there are over their illness and I'll have to think about how my existing two cats will cope with that)

Her organisation is Garston Animal Rescue.  It's a registered charity and can be contacted at PO Box 233, Liverpool, L69 7LF.

I don't think they have a website.  If I find they do I will add a link.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Greenhill Road off licence update - committee decision 1 November

I've just got back from the licensing committee discussing whether or not to allow alcohol sales at 206 Greenhill Road (that's the shop on the corner with Caithness Road).

Despite considerable objections from residents (including letters and a petition) the committee decided that the shop WILL be able to sell alcohol.

We know some people will be disappointed at this as residents have been pointing out all the potential problems.  It's clear also that you don't have very far to go in that area to buy alcohol already!

I spoke as did other Councillors and we made all the points local people had asked us to (and some extra). However we weren't able to persuade the committee to agree with us.

There was one small concesssion, which is that the starting time for selling beer, wines and spirits etc would be 8 am rather than the suggested 6am.

The shopkeepers did also volunteer to put an extra litter bin out, so I am following that up.

When the minutes of the meeting are published I will put a link to them on the blog.