Friday, 4 February 2011

Garston waste site - update - blow for Garston.

I'm just back from the City Council Cabinet meeting where I and my colleauges Peter Millea and Richard Oglethorpe were attempting to stop a decision to say that Garston should be the city's waste destination.

(see previous post for details and links to the Cabinet agenda)

Sadly we were not able to persuade them and the Labour administration decided to support the recommendation.  This is a blow of course.  We were the only Councillors to bother to attend and speak at this meeting but I think between us we did a good job of spelling out the various arguments.

I am finding it hard to believe that an organisation that , only last year and with wide support,  was arguing that a waste plant was a bad idea in Garston now seems to think that its OK.  I am finding it extremely hard to believe that a decision can be made on facts that are quite so wrong (my colleague Richard did well on highlighting this)

However, its not quite over as we have "called in" the decision  (Call in is a method whereby councillors can ask the Cabinet to think again).  This means the decision, and the issue, will be discussed at the Regeneration and Transport Select Committee next week (10th Feb)

We, thats me, Peter and Richard, are deteremined to do all we can to stop this going ahead.  Its a difficult fight but we won't give up.

This is a meeting in public and people are entitled to come along and make their feelings known (although if you have a question or want to make a point its best to be in touch with the committee clerk beforehand)

The part of the agenda for the meeting including this issue is not yet published but when it is it will be available at

(To be absolutely fair and accurate, I do think the cabinet member wanted the select committee to have a chance to discuss this issue.  However without the "call in" we wouldn't have had a specific call for the decision to be looked at again)

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