Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Poverty Commission - anytime soon?

UPDATE (8th Feb):  To be fair to him, I have just received an e mail from Cllr Nick Small which shows he is chasing a date.

Last year I had a bit of an internet rant about the failure of the Liverpool Poverty Commission to start.

To be fair, Labour Councillor Nick Small did get in touch and explained the delay.  We also discussed the change of the name - to Fairness Commission - and some of the potential ideas we could explore.

I felt that actually some movement was imminent and looked forward to being able to participate.  We discussed the fact that once it started it would want to "get on with things" quite quickly.

Well, sad to report that unless this is taking place in secret, the Commission still hasn't got going.

I'm disappointed because this had the potential (still does I suppose) to do some important work for people across Merseyside.

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