Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Aigburth Road parking - committee motion - 10 Feb

Ron Gould, who represents Mossley Hill, and I have a motion at the next Regeneration and Transport committee about parking.

We've both been contacted by residents worried about problems caused by overspill parking when there's a big event at the cricket club on Aigburth Road.

So we are calling on the Council to look into what the problems might be and see what can be done to deal with any safety issues.

The committee meets on 10th February.  Details about agendas for this and other council committees are available here.

The motion is pased below:

(text starts)

“Committee notes that Liverpool Cricket Club on Aigburth Road provides a useful and popular venue for all sorts of events from boot sales to county cricket matches.

Committee however also notes that during major events, the overspill parking from such events has caused major problems for residents in nearby roads. These problems have included

* inability to get into and out of properties

* difficulty in seeing round corners when pulling into other roads

Residents have reported that they have experienced some potentially dangerous situations because of this.

Committee believes its important to balance the needs of the venue and its visitors with those of the local residents.

Committee therefore calls for the City Council to

* review what plans exist for parking control during major events at the club

* organise a joint police/council site visit during the first major event in 2011 to ascertain the scale of the problem and to recommend any measures that need to be taken for future events.

* liaise with the Cricket Club and hirers of the cricket club about the best way to manage parking demand caused by large scale events

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