Friday, 18 February 2011

Reviewing the youth service in Liverpool - feedback deadline approaching

Last night I went along to one of the youth service review meetings organised by the City Council .  There've been five in the five districts of Liverpool, but this one was specifically to look at City-wide services (which by their nature are often also specialist).

The idea was for young people, youth workers and others interested in the youth service to have their say and ask questions.  This was a tad problemmatic as many of the questions actually couldn't be answered.  We were told that the review was about how the decision making about the future of the youth service should work.

Although on one level, asking people to help determine how decisions should be made is a good idea, I could sense that many were frustrated that they weren't actually there to discuss and amend any actual decisions.

There's obviously a lot of commitment to the City wide services and organisations.  We heard from GYRO, Calder Kids, YPAS and MYA as well as from a youth council rep (apologies for any I have missed out)

The panel - two Labour Cabinet members and some Council officers, made the point that there is still time for young people and others to send views in, so please do if you want to.

They suggested two ways of doing this.  One was via the Youth Service website which is here.
(I had a look at this this morning and I am not sure which section you'd use for this - the deadline is wrong on the section that seems to be about consultation)
The other way is by e mailing an officer from Committee Services who is keeping the notes.  I am a bit wary of publishing someone's e mail here without permission so I am happy to forward on any comments/input to him if you e mail me at  (I will when I forward these also copy you in so you can see I haven't made any amendments)

The document as a result of these meetings is being written on 24 Feb so I imagine that means feedback by 23rd.

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