Thursday, 17 February 2011

Business Survey and ATM Campaign

I've just spent most of the morning visiting local businesses to deliver our Cressington ward business survey.

I started early so in some cases it was a case of putting the forms through the door (or in the mail) .  Later though I was able to speak to some of the (mainly) shopkeepers.

As local Councillors we often ask residents for their views.  I don't think we're always quite as good though when it comes to local businesses.

Obviously we are not about to publish the details of what individual businesses say.  But hopefully we'll be able to give a flavour of what opinion is and what we need to be doing to help the businesses serve their communities.

One of the key questions in the Cressington survey is about ATMs (cash machines).  I'm hoping that as well as getting replies about a range of local issues, we'll identify some locations for possible non-charging cash machines.

There's a South Liverpool campaign on this issue at the moment as one of the problems that's been highlighted in parts of our area is the number of "cash deserts" - places where the only access to money involves paying a fee.  That's annoying at the best of times but if you are on a low income the fee can be disproportionately high.

You can find out more about the ATM Campaign  at

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