Saturday, 30 October 2010

Questions on winter preparations

We've got the Regeneration Select Committee later this week. I am one of the three Lib Dem members. There's a question time for committee members and members of the public to ask questions of the Cabinet Member and Council officers. I have sent three in. Thie (below) is the one on getting ready for winter.

"Recent media coverage has hightlighted the problems faced by councils across the country in preparing for winter.
It is reported that there is not enough salt supply in the UK to satisfy the potential demands and that some authorities are already looking at sourcing salt from overseas.

Can the Cabinet member please tell me

What preparations for advance purchase of salt have been made by LCC?

What capacity do we have, if any, for storage of salt locally?

Does he anticipate any difficulty, similar to that being predicted by other local authorities, in getting enough supplies for Liverpool's needs?

Has there been any increase in the budget line identified to pay for gritting since May 2010?

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