Thursday, 21 October 2010

Why not lobby?

One of the ways we can all try to prevent Jack Allen building the waste plant in Garston is to make sure they don't get any public sector contracts for waste. It's clear to me that the company won't take the risk of building if they cannot get contracts to deal with enough waste.

Now there's not a lot we can do about private contracts. We don't after all know who the likely customers are.

But we do know that in this area the people dealing with domestic waste are the Merseyside Waste Disposal Authority.

Their job, among other things, is to get rid of the stuff from our purple bins.

When Jack Allen originally tried to persuade people in Garston to accept a waste plant, their literature implied that this waste would be domestic waste and so they would be helping meet recycling targets.

We challenged this as we knew no contract existed, amd MWDA wrote quite a stiff letter to say they had no involvement in the Jack Allen plans.

My worry now though is that Jack Allen will attempt to persuade MWDA to go with them and therefore create the conditions they need to build.

I've written to Carl Beer, who's in charge at MWDA as have other local residents. It would be great if others could send a short e mail to him to see if he will stand by MWDA's earlier statement. If you want to send an e mail to MWDA the address is

Their website is here

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