Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Environment Committee next week

Next week I'm at the Environment and Climate Change Committee. We've got someone coming from Enterprise Liverpool to talk about those annoying blue bags so perhaps all the shouting has paid off. (I hope so because we are talking about four years of intermitent shouting)

Anyway, I have also sent in a couple of questions which I have posted below.

Shopping Trolleys

Given that abandoned shopping trolleys can cause an environmental nuisance and that trolley dumping still occurs in parts of the City, are there any plans to use the powers in schedule 4 of the Environmental Protection Act?

If so, what is the schedule for holding the consultation as specified in section 99 of the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005?

If there are no plans at present, would the Cabinet member agree to consult elected members as to the extent of the problem in their particular ward?

Leaf Fall

What is the current level of complaints about leaf fall collection as logged on Confirm?

Are there any particular areas or streets which are identifying themselves as problems needing extra attention – and if so where are they?

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