Monday, 11 October 2010

For goodness sake Enterprise - stop flytipping!

How difficult can it be to remember to pick up the blue bag of litter when one of your own colleagues has put it there for collection? Not difficult you would think yet every week Enterprise Liverpool, the company with responsibility for street cleansing in Liverpool, fail to do this.

So what we have in effect is leglised fly tipping. If I took my domestic rubbish in a bag and left it next to a street light for days and nights on end I feel sure I would soon be in trouble. And yet for some reason this failure to collect is tolerated when the bag is blue.

I am heartily sick of raising this politely and being told action will be taken. It rarely is. Enterprise - for goodness sake get your fingers out!

UPDATE (30 October) The guys from Enterprise are coming to the Environment Committee this week to discuss this further.

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