Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Bad news - waste plant in Garston

I have just heard, in the last 20 minutes, that the Planning Inspector has decided that Jack Allen holdings WILL be allowed to build a waste plant at Garston Dock (next to the Cressington Heath housing development).

This is a bad decision for our area.

We had hoped, after the Council's planning committee turned this down, that Jack Allen would look elsewhere. But they fought back with an appeal and expensive legal and PR representation.

Those of us fighting the scheme went to the Public Inquiry and spoke against the scheme.

But sadly the decision has gone against us, and in my view against the people of Garston.

We promised, when we heard the news, to let as many people know as quickly as possible, so that's what my Lib Dem colleagues in Cressington will be doing.

I'll update when I can. At the moment though we are keen that people hear the news.

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