Monday, 1 November 2010

Jack Allen update

There've been various comments in the press and elsewhere maintaining that the Jack Allen plans can be stopped by simply asking a Government Minister to intervene.

I've been pretty sure this isn't the case but didn't want to write it off completely without checking up on the law. Having fired off enquiries in several directions, I today got replies from a Lecturer in Planning law, the City Council's planning department and the City Council's legal department.

The bad news is that ministers don't have the power to intervene now on this one (ironically they could have done so before the Public Inquiry but before the public inquiry the scheme had been turned down!).

But that doesn't mean it's all over. We are still exploring whether or not High Court action is possible. And we are still pushing for the Council to identify alternative sites for Jack Allen (in fact my colleague Peter has a meeting about this later this week)

The Council has so far refused to fund legal action but we are looking at whether we can do this anyway (if there is a good point of law there)

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