Friday, 1 October 2010

Clearing up leaves

At the last Environment Committee I asked quite a few questions about plans by the Council for clearing up all the fallen leaves on pavements etc.

Obviously trees losing their leaves in the Autumn is a pretty predictable event but I was worried that in the past the people responsible for clearance didn't seem on top of it.

Time will tell whether this year's clearance programme will be better. The good news is however that we already have a schedule for the work, which is due to start on Monday (4th). The streets on the plan are listed by ward so it can take a while to find your road but you can link to the plan here.

I'm keen however to keep raising this if there are roads that don't get done when they are meant to or anywhere where there is a bad build up. If you want to raise areas with me though, rather than post on here please e mail me at

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