Monday, 27 September 2010

Are the alleys getting swept?

At the Environment committee earlier this month I asked a series of questions around alley way sweeping. I wanted to know who was responsible for sweeping them after bin collection and how it is monitored.

Well, as I thought, it is in the contract for Enteprise Liverpool and when the wheelie bins etc are emptied from their spot in the alleyways behind houses, the alleys are then meant to be swept by the same crew. This makes a lot of sense.

However I am absolutely convinced that in the majority of cases this does not happen.

A second answer said there was a City Council monitoring system for this but I simply can't see how this can be working.

I know the alleyway behind my house is not swept and this seems to be a pretty common complaint.

I'd like to take this further if there is evidence. If you put your wheelie bin in the alley behind your house for collection and know that your alley isn't swept, can you let me know. I need the the house address and the day of the collection (although I am not planning to pass on individual household details unless you want me to) You can e mail me about this at

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