Thursday, 5 January 2012

Tescos on Holmefield Road - licensing update

We've got the date now for the licensing committee that'll decide on the licence for the planned Tescos on Holmefield Road .

The date is 25th January at 10 am.  The paperwork isn't available on-line yet but when it is you should be able to find it here.

Anyone who has sent in an objection or representation by the deadline should get a letter or e mail from the Council about the hearing.

I put in an objection to the alcohol sales based on evidence of problems caused on Aigburth Hall Avenue and nearby by alcohol sales at the location previously, so I will be at the committee to represent people.

Of course the Tesco management may well have specific ideas about how they can prevent problems and the licensing committee is an opportunity for them to explain this and for there to be conditions if necessary. Sometimes applications get turned down, sometimes they get approved but sometimes they get approved with changes.

Licensing meetings like this are regulated by quite a bit of law, in fact it can feel very legal, so not everybody can or wants to come and make their point.  If you have comments you want to pass on for me to mention however, please feel free to e mail me at

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