Thursday, 5 January 2012

Garston Old Road off licence update (Jan 2012)

I blogged earlier about how I would be going to the magistrates court on 17th January to represent the community at a hearing about a possible off licence.

The Council had said no to the application (for the corner of Garston Old Road and Stormont Road) but there is a right of appeal and so when that happened the whole thing got passed to the magistrates.

There has been a rather sad development.  The gentleman making the application has passed away.  This means there is no appeal and so no off licence.  (There could only be an off licence in future if someone else started the appliction process from scratch)

Obviously this is a rather unfortunate way for a development to happen, but I expect people will want to be kept informed so I have written to neighbours today to let them know the latest.

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