Friday, 6 January 2012

Speeding traffic on Booker and Aigburth Hall

We've had quite a few complaints about traffic on Aigburth Hall Avenue and on Booker Avenue.  Quite a few things have already been tried to deal with this but the problem persists and it can be like taking your life in your hands to get across the road sometimes.

Along with colleagues from Church ward and Mossley Hill, Richard and I have written a motion for the City Council.  It may not get discussed but if it doesnt it still has to get replied to and hopefully acted on.

Here's the text. The actual agenda doesn't get published until Tuesday next week.

Motion by Cllrs Paula Keaveney, Richard Oglethorpe, Richard Kemp, Erica Kemp, Tina Gould, Tom Morrison

Council notes the ongoing problems caused by speeding traffic on Booker Avenue and Aigburth Hall Avenue.  Pedestrians, many of them elderly, report difficulties in crossing the road and families with children attending the local primary school are often worried at the risks the children are taking.

The speed of the traffic is often unaffected by signs near the school.

Actions to deal with the problem have already been taken, including checking the phasing of the nearby traffic lights and a site visit including police and Council representatives

However residents report that difficulties remain and in fact have increased.

Council therefore requests for the Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Transport consider installing a speed monitoring device to remind motorists of the speed at which they are going.  Council also calls on the Cabinet Member for other measures to be considered including the installation of a zebra crossing where appropriate.

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