Thursday, 5 January 2012

Getting the flytipping cleared

This is one of several pictures of flytipping and litter along the side of the railway line.  I checked out some sites the other day including across from Hartington Road and Chapel Place.  Anyway Network Rail is responsible for this particular patch so I've asked for it to be cleared. 

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PM Swimmer said...

The siding along Hartington Road is particularly bad at the moment.

Maybe people would have been less likely to have fly tipped if the flowers and shrubs that the residents plant in front of the fence weren't killed by the council.

People are more inclined to dump things in areas which look unkempt and uncared for and residents had been making an effort to make this strip of land look nice for some time. Effort wiped out by the mindless and unthinking hand of your council.

And if the flowers hadn't worked the thorny roses some residents had been nuturing for a couple of years might have helped.