Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Council's library proposals

Just published, ahead of a meeting on Friday morning, is the Liverpool City Council's cabinet proposals for the future of the libraries in the City.

Woolton library is under threat of closure if an organisation to take it over can't be found.

The proposed changes at other South Liverpool libraries are less drastic - Garston for example would open five days a week although for shorter hours.

Given the short period between the publication on line and the actual cabinet meeting, I wonder how many people will notice this decision coming up.

I also wonder why the suggested opening hours actually limit quite severely the ability of people with jobs to use the libraries.

Anyway, like many councillors I'll be asking constituents what they think about the proposals as they affect the libraries they use.

There is a link to the cabinet papers, which includes the library report here.  You need to scroll down a little and then click on another link.

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