Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Is your green waste being collected?

I bumped into a lady the other day who said that the green waste bins in her street hadn't been emptied the last few times they were meant to.  I complained about this to the Council.  The bins are due to be emptied again today so I have asked one of the Council's environmental officers to check whether or not they are.

I've written to the residents on that particular street, but it seems that the problem may be a wider one and that the lorries are just not turning up.

I told the Council that this is a wider problem, but ideally to make sure it's dealt with examples are needed.

If your green waste bin hasn't been collected for a few times in a row, can you let me know please?  I don't necessarily need names but I do need street names.  You can e mail me at paula.keaveney@liverpool.gov.uk.

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