Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Holmefield Road Tesco licensing decision

People living in the Holmefield Road/Aigburth Hall Avenue area will know about the new Tesco that is going to open where the Spar used to be on Holmefield Road.

Today the licensing committee was making the decision about the alcohol license - the issues being whether to grant one and whether to make any changes to what Tesco was asking for.

I went along to speak on behalf of some local residents on Aigburth Hall Avenue who were worried that the return of alcohol sales at that location would mean the return of the drink related asb they had endured when Spar was selling drink. Councillor Tina Gould was there to represent some Mossley Hill residents and we were joined by a lady who lives very near the shop.

The committee decided to grant the licence - which means alcohol sales being allowed during the same hours the shop is open (7 am to 10 pm Monday to Sunday).  Tesco did make some commitments, among which was a phone number residents could use to get hold of the duty manager straight away if there is trouble.  I also asked them if they would put an extra litter bin out.

The information from the meeting, including anonymised copies of the objections sent in, is on the Council website at this link.  The minutes, which will include the reason for the decision, should also appear shortly

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