Thursday, 17 July 2008

Your Community Matters Meeting - Cressington Ward

I went to the Your Community Matters meeting for Cressington Ward last night. The YCM meetings are ward based and are intended to give people a chance to come along and discuss issues - but also to help identify priorities for their area. An example - last night we had a report back on a priority which had been identified previously. This was about carrying out a survey of young people as it was felt that we don't always fully understand their needs/thoughts etc. The report back showed that funding had been found and plans drawn up and that there is actually a timescale for the survey to take place - in two secondary schools and a couple of primaries. As I didn't represent this ward when the last meeting took place, I took the opportunity to listen to as many views as possible. Apart from an issue around planning, which we are already working on, and one around community safety in a very particular place, again which I have already done a site visit for, there were some other topics which came up and which will need work doing. Watch this space!!!

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