Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Worthy of the Award.

Liverpool City Council has started a Citizen of Honour award and nominations have started to come in. I'm delighted to report that the first award has been given to Professor Tony Bradshaw for all his environmental work and commitment over the years. Tony is rather frail now and is in a nursing home, but I remember seeing him at meetings, and visiting him in his Cressington Park House, and his commitment to the environment and the City just shone through. He is very worthy of the award and exactly the right recipient for the first one.

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PM Swimmer said...

I was lucky enough to be at Liverpool Uni when Prof Tony Bradshaw was still visiting to give the occasional talk/lecture to the Envi Biology Hons class, he is a great man and well deserving of this award.
That said I think a more fitting and lasting tribute that Liverpool City Council could pay him would be to heed his advice with regard to the Garden Festival Site and come a proposal based on his reccomendations.