Thursday, 24 July 2008

Health Service Consultation

I mentioned previously I'd post more information about the local health service consultation for South Liverpool. This is all about services like GPs and clinics. There is a separate consultation going on about the Royal Hospital.

Anyway, the consultation period kicked off this week. There'll be leaflets etc in all sorts of locations. And the health service is organising a trailer which will be parked up at different places so people can pop in, find out more and have their say.

I now have the first few trailer locations and they are

today (24th) Garston Hospital (Sir Alfred Jones Memorial)
26th July - Retail Park (opposite Marriott Hotel in Speke)
29th July - Somerfield Car Park, Garston
31 July - Garston Village Hall, Banks Road
1 August - Asda at Hunts Cross
5 August - Austin Rawlinson sports centre, Speke

There are quite a few others waiting for confirmation also.

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