Tuesday, 1 July 2008

The Pension fund and arms investment - next chapter

My Lib Dem colleague, Councillor Richard Oglethorpe, is determined to keep hammering away at the issue of the pension fund and investment in arms.

The Merseyside Pension Fund is responsible for pensions for local authority staff all over Merseyside.

But many people have been concerned for some time that not all the investments made could be described as "ethical". Liverpool City Council has made a number of attempts to change this, which so far have not succeeded.

Richard's latest motion is calling for a ballot of the Pension Fund Members. The motion, which is going to the City Council meeting, has been accepted by the other political parties. This means it will definitely be passed and we can move on to the next stage.

Interestingly the Pension Fund clearly does make decisions based on ethical criteria as only the other day we discovered it had been invovled in a recent campaign to persuade Tesco to raise the welfare standards of the chickens it sells. Now if it can take action on chickens.... it should be able to take action on the arms trade too!


Ron Robins said...

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Paula Keaveney said...

Thanks.. this is helpful


Anonymous said...

Who defines "ethical"?