Thursday, 17 July 2008

Take away plan - Melbreck Avenue

I have today written to the Council's planning department with my objection to the application for a takeaway at 140 Melbreck Road (this is currently a garage/storage). My letter talks about a number of problems. This is right by a junction with a roundabout and there are already a lot of safety issues there which are worsened when anyone stops a car (which obviously they will do if there is a takeaway there). It's also already a hot spot in terms of litter and has become a corner the police are now worried about too. Because as Councillors we were concerned to make sure local people knew about the application, we recently wrote to people living in much of Melbreck Avenue and in the flats just down the road. As a result of this letter - which was pretty neutral I have to say as we wanted to genuinely get views and not pre empt what people might feel - we have been inundated with comments from people wanting to object too. The deadline for comments hasn't gone yet - but I'll blog again when we have a date for the planning committee.

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