Thursday, 10 July 2008

Health Service in South Liverpool

Liverpool Primary Care Trust is later this month going to be consulting people in South Liverpool about its plans for health care. This is about "out of hospital" care so is really about GP surgeries, clinics and the like. The consultation kicks off around the 21st. There'll be trailers parked at various strategic sites - supermarket car parks and so on as well as leaflets and other communications. The consultation ends on 15th September. It's important that as many people as possible have a say so please look out for the publicity.

We discussed the consultation programme a little earlier today at a Scrutiny Panel Meeting. Scrutiny Panels are basically part of the City Council's process. They are small meetings of councillors and officers to look at very specific aspects of work. I wouldn't normally be at this one, but as it was discussing South Liverpool I went along. We asked a lot of questions and made several suggestions about how to make the consultation even more effective - although I have to say the plan was pretty comprehensive and clearly someone has done a lot of work on it.

I'll blog again when the consultation has kicked off properly, and will pass on any details of websites etc.


PM Swimmer said...

talking about consultation, can you tell me if the Garston Neighbourhood Committee has been replaced and if so what does this mean for the ability of residents to input to local decisions?

Paula Keaveney said...

Annoyingly I have only looked at the comments properly today. Annoyingly because there is actually a meeting for local residents to input (although I wouldn't call it consultation in the sense that is often understood as it is more about local people bring issues to the table and then agreeing priorities rather than commenting on already existing drafts)I say annoyingly because there was one of these last night! The meetings are called Your Community Matters and they are ward based and administered on behalf of the council by lcvs. I have some issues of my own about format etc, but last night's one was reasonably well attended and there were a few key issues that emerged. I have no idea of the date for the next lot as these are sorted after checking on various people's availability, but the lcvs website does list dates and venues (you meed to search for Your Community Matters). Garston Neighbourhood committee is no more. The YCN meetings report in to a District Committee which in turn has a number of sub groups on issues.

PM Swimmer said...

i say even more annoying is the fact that I used to try to go the old committee meetings and got sent the reams of agendas and minutes and yet some genius of a council officer didn't think to inform me it had been scrapped in favour of these ! !

Honestly Local government its no wonder people can't be bothered anymore.

Anonymous said...

i didn't know these existed - i live in north liverpool but can you tell me if there are any in my area

Paula Keaveney said...

Dear Anonymous

there will be a YM meeting for your area. They are based on wards - if you don't know which your ward is give Liverpool Direct a call - 233 3000. If you give your address they will be able to tell you. the dates and publicity etc for the meetings is all done by LCVS so you will need to either look out for an ad or leaflet, or check their website. i suspect the autumn dates for n liverpool are not done yet though.