Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Were your bins collected?

My bins actually were collected today ( a nice change after two weeks of missed collections and failure to come back to pick up).

However further down the road in Garston residents are reporting three weeks of bins not collected on the right day and then not collected in the specified time afterwards.

We'll be taking all of this up with Enterprise, and more importantly with the responsible Councillors and Council officers. If your bin hasn't been collected please continue to alert Liverpool Direct but please also let me have the general details - street, number of times missed, delay before picking up, helpfulness of Liverpool Direct, so I can make sure the responsible people have an accurate picture of the problem.

I'll also be raising some other cleansing issues at the next Environment and Climate Change Select Committee.

You can either post the info here or drop me an e mail at paula.keaveney@liverpool.gov.uk

UPDATE: It's also important that we hear about cases of individuals who are on the "assist list" (that's where there is an arrangement that staff will collect their bin from their door or somewhere else very near and then bring it back for them.) The "assist list" is for elderly or disabled people who might not be able to get their bin down the path or along the alley and there is evidence that the change to the rounds hasn't resulted in the assist list details being passed on or acted on. That means even in a street where collections are being made OK on the day they are meant to, there could be "assist list" bins that are being missed. As a matter of fact my next door neighbour's bin appears to have been missed again yesterday.

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