Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Conference Motions

Today is the deadline for Lib Dem members who want to put motions to our national conference in the Autumn to get them in. Motions are submitted either by local parties (constituencies) or by some internal party organisations (like Liberal Youth) or by a number of individuals who've been elected as voting reps at conference (each local party elects a number of reps - we have five in Garston and Halewood).

I've written a motion on student tuition fees, which is going in from Garston and Halewood as well as Liverpool West Derby and Liverpool Wavertree. (If it gets picked I'l either be moving or summating on this)

I've also signed, as a voting rep, motions from other people on Trident, immigration and ensuring fairness in a time of austerity.

We now need to wait to see which of these make it onto the agenda. I expect that some will, although if there is a better motion (by which I mean fuller) on one of the subjects then the Conference Committee may well choose that as opposed to one of these.

I'll post the text of the ones that get chosen when I know if they have or not.

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