Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Poverty Commission

Some time ago we agreed, at a City Council meeting, to set up a Liverpool Poverty Commission. The idea wasn't just to bang on about what the Council should, or shouldn't, be doing but to look at poverty in the City in a broader sense and look at what all organisations that could have an impact should be doing.

When the Lib Dems were in power, it was part of my job to make sure this got set up so we recruited various members (from different sectors) thought about who might give evidence and found a Chairperson. Sandra Tai from the PCT did a lot of the work on this as did Chris Walsh from the City Council's committee services section.

After a hiatus for the election, we are now about to start. Sadly my Lib Dem colleague Paul Clein won't be a member now as Labour are now entitled to two positions on this to our one. But I am still on it and am looking foward to having my input.

When this was talked about we were really keen that all sorts of organisations and people had the chance to have their say. I haven't got the dates yet, but when I do have them I will post the details.

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