Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Waste plant Public Inquiry - day two

Today we heard evidence from Jack Allen Holdings' two witnesses. This included cross examination.

Much of what they said revolved around the actual effect of a waste plant on the housing market and what evidence existed. There was a lot said about the likely sale and use of Dingle Bank for housing.

I was concerned, and affronted if I am honest, at the witness who seemed to believe that perceptions and feelings counted for very little if not nothing. Demanding hard evidence is all very well but we all know that there are things in life, including things in the future, for which we need judgement and feeling.

Having said that I have some interesting evidence about various aspects of waste treatment which I hope I will be able to bring out tomorrow.

The schedule for tomorrow is that the morning should be mostly taken up by contributions from the public. If you haven't already given your name in but you do want to speak the advice is to get there at the beginning and ask to have your name added to the list.

Friday looks set to be a site visit by the Inspector. She wants to tour a number of locations and is open to suggestions from local people. There should be a draft list available at some point tomorrow.

Anyway, thanks to all the Garston people who have turned up so far. It's important to show strength of feeling. Tomorrow's sessions start at 10 am at the Garston Urban Village Hall on Banks Road, L19.

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