Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Garston waste site fight - update

The Public Enquiry into the plans by private company Jack Allen holdings to put a waste plant in Garston (right next to some houses) is now less than a fortnight away.

It's scheduled to run in the week beginning 14th June at the Garston Village Hall on Banks Road.

With the other councillors, I had a meeting recently with a Council officer to get an update on the process, so this post includes information from that meeting.

The City Council turned Jack Allen's plans down. But the company appealed. This has led to the Public Enquiry.

The Council is using barristers to argue its case and cross question the other side. Thousands of pounds have already been spent on this - as it's vital that the Council (effectivly on behalf of the objectors) puts the best case possible.

The Inspector running the enquiry will, we are told, be keen to hear from as many people as possible. Residents are encouraged to turn up - either to hear the evidence or to speak. If you want to speak the best thing is to come on day one and register your interest. The Inspector will then be able to schedule slots.

It's likely that the Inspector will already have had a look round the area. But we are told that particular suggestions of places to visit are always welcome.

I asked about how long it would take after the Enquiry to get a result. It could be months sadly. Jack Allen clearly doesn't care about causing more worry to people in our area.

Peter, Richard and I are planning to be there (in fact I have already booked the days off work) and want to speak. I won't be posting our arguments here for the simple reason that I know that Jack Allen's PR company will do searches for websites making comments about the plans. I'm more than happy though to speak to people individually, or be in touch by e mail individually, about this. Many residents have already suggested some great lines of argument, which we will be pursuing.

Interstingly it seems that Jack Allen's representatives tried to object to the choice of venue for the enquiry. Perhaps they don't want to face the people of Garston.

If you want to contact me about this please e mail paula.keaveney@liverpool.gov.uk. Peter Millea is at peter.millea@liverpool.gov.uk. Richard Oglethorpe is richard.oglethorpe@liverpool.gov.uk.

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