Saturday, 22 May 2010

Stamfordham Drive trees

I blogged a while ago about how we had spent a small amount of money from the sum that ward councillors can allocate on checking whether trees could be planted on Stamfordham Drive. The results were positive and we then asked Council staff to consult people living on S Drive about whether or not they wanted trees planted.

The survey forms have gone out now and a few have already come back. The deadline is this coming Friday (28th). If you live on S Drive and have had a form do please send it back as it's important we have feedback from as many people as possible.

We started this because of an initial demand for some trees. S Drive can look a bit bleak. But whatever you think, do let us know.

If your letter and form have gone astray, please let me know by e mailing (I'll need to know what number you live at).

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I live on stamfofordham drive I can say that I DO NOT want trees planted in the street as the road is so small we all have to park our cars on the pavement what happens if you plant a tree outside my house where do I park then? (we have 2 cars in our household) also when they get bigger we then have o declare trees on our house insurance putting the price up.