Friday, 14 May 2010

Jack Allen's last stand?

Jack Allen, the private company which wants to put a waste plant on Garston Docks, is trying again to get permission to build this monstrosity.

The City Council's planning Committee, which at the time had a Lib Dem majority, turned the plans down.

But the national law says that Jack Allen had the right to appeal. So they did.

Now there is a public enquiry which starts on 15th June at Garston Urban Village Hall in Banks Road. (A central Liverpool venue was originally booked in case a local one couldn't be found. This location is good news as it makes it a lot easier for residents to be there) The start time is 10 am.

In Cressington ward, all three of the local councillors went to the planning committee and spoke out against these plans. We have all sent in more objections and plan to be there at the public enquiry.

We believe that this plan threatens to stop the regeneration of Garston in its tracks. How would Jack Allen bosses like it if they lived on Cressington Heath and someone else tried to build that thing right by their fence?

Any member of the public is entitled to go to the Public Enquiry and information letters are being sent out now to residents who originally sent in objections.

I'll post updates on the situation here. You might also want to have a look at which is a website set up by local people when the first planning application was being made.

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