Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Councillors Community Fund - opens next week

The Councillors Community Initiative Fund is a scheme through which groups can apply for small grants for projects in wards across the City. The idea is that the Councillors in the ward decide how much to put into the pot (from an amount allocated to be spent in their wards) and then groups can apply.

In Cressington we have put £3,000 aside and hope to see some good applications for the cash.

You don't apply directly to us. Instead if you are interested you need to contact the City Council who can then send you the criteria and details of how to apply.

Once the applications are in, the Councillors decide which to fund - either fully or partially.

The scheme for this year is being launched on 1st June.

If you want me to get the details sent to you when they are available, please e mail me at with your e mail details and I will pass them on to make sure you are contacted.

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