Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Can you do two jobs at once?

For part of this campaign I have had to combine my work as a University Lecturer with being a Parliamentary Candidate and Councillor. These are all demanding roles and while multi tasking might be possible at times it's really illustrated how difficult it is to do two important things at once.

That's why, if I am elected to Parliament, I will be standing down from Liverpool City Council.

I won't be doing this immediately as there are quite a few things I am half way through.

But I will be doing it. And if I am elected to Parliament I will stop taking any Council allowances from the moment I win.

I am well aware that there are people who think you can do both jobs. In fact at one time Ian Paisley appeared to be an MP, and MEP, a local councillor and have another representative job (forget which). Not only does this mean you can't fully concentrate on any of them, it means there is a real blurring between roles.

Being an MP is important as is being a Councillor and I personally think it's wrong to try to do both.

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