Sunday, 16 May 2010

Citizenship Ceremony

Today I spoke at one of the Citizenship Ceremonies in Liverpool. There were two guest speakers this time so I was a sort of double act with the deputy Lord Lieutenant and his wife.

I felt very underdressed as his uniform includes a sword and boots with spurs on them. He also had some impressive looking medals.

The ceremony was again a brilliant event. There were 14 new adult citizens plus some children. A really happy day for them and their families. Lots of smiling and picture taking.

I don't use a written speech for these as I like to adapt what I say. I do however have a contents list in my head. Today however, as I listened to the first speaker use all my material I had to do a quick mental rewrite! Luckily it went OK.

I am one of a few Liverpool Councillors who speak at these ceremonies. I really can recommend it, so for those other Councillors who read this blog (and I know there are some) do please think about doing it and get in touch with the Registrars (via me if you prefer) to arrange to sit in one a ceremony.

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