Friday, 10 October 2008

Partnership Working Group

Earlier this week I chaired the South Liverpool Partnership Working Group which focuses on crime and environment issues - Safer Stronger Communities is the actual title. Thiw brings together partners from across our district of six local authority wards, plus councillors from those wards. Quite a heavy agenda this time but we are making some good progress. The figures on crime incidents for most of our area are below the Liverpool average although there are still some types of crime (like stealing cars) which are more common in Speke Garston than the Liverpool average. A lot of this is to do with the airport. Because people going away for a short while often decide not to pay car park charges so they leave their cars in the neighbouring residential streets. The vehicles are then sitting ducks for anyone who wants to steal them, or steal from them or, in some cases, torch them. It turns out that a lot of those stolen or damaged have overseas number plates - Polish in particular. We discussed getting signs in polish to attempt to deter people from leaving their cars at risk.

We also looked at some environmental problems and some plans for use of green space The City Council is to put some more exercise equipment into parks across the City with the aim of targeting people highly unlikely to go into a gym but who might try one or two things out while on a walk in a park. We already have exercise equipment in Garston Park, although when I tried it I found many of the exercises beyond me.

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