Sunday, 5 October 2008

Corporate Services Committee

Earlier this week I was at the City Council's Corporate Services Select Committee. I am one of the Exec Members reporting to this committee - but its probably fair to say that most of the work relates more to the other two - Flo Clucas and Steve Hurst.

A long agenda including at least one rather lengthy report. A few things however stood out for me

Firstly - the council is not only meeting its target for recycling, it is exceeding it. Given the number of times I hear people say the target is not being met, this actual statistical fact needs to be highlighted.

Secondly - we discussed a motion on the recent CAB report on bailiffs and the way they appear to be misusing their powers when acting on council tax accounts. If the information in the report is true, and there is enough of it to indicate that some of it must be, then these firms either need to have the riot act read to them or the council needs to stop using them. There is a small group working on this in the City Council. It may be that the firms who have now received this public criticism will actually clean up their acts anyway, but we probably can't rely on that happening without a certain amount of pressure.

Finally - the Merseyside Pension Scheme. Some time ago the City Council called on the scheme to organise a ballot of members so that the actual members could have a say on the issue of ethical investment. We were joined by other Merseyside Councils in the request. I asked for a report back to the select committee and when it came it completely failed to mention any action relating to this. So I have asked again and hope the information we get next time will be better than this.

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