Friday, 10 October 2008

Operation Black Vote event

Today the mentees from the Operation Black Vote Scheme were together, with organisers, for a day which was a sort of mix of training and sharing experiences.
In the morning I was there to speak a little about the council structure (to be honest I left a lot of that to the officer there) and the nuts and bolts of actually being a councillor. In the afternoon I was back on a panel to explain about how political parties carry out their selections.

What was actually most interesting though, was hearing about the experiences the mentees have had so far, and what conclusions they have drawn as well as their changing thoughts and impressions. Well done to Operation Black Vote for coming up with the scheme.

I am working on plans for another, broader, mentoring scheme for other groups who may be under represented or disenfranchised for one reason or another - and I am going to use the learning from this scheme to help shape that.

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