Friday, 10 October 2008

My first board recommendation

The City Council's Executive Board ( cabinet in shorthand) meets formally once a fortnight to make key decisions. These are usually based on recommendations which come from one or more of the Executive Members. Today I had my first recommendation - creation of and participation in the "Liverpool Commission". The Commission is being set up as an independent panel to hold an enquiry into various aspects of governance and involvement (like youth engagement, barriers to entry for potential councillors etc). It will spend around six or seven months working on this and then issue a report and recommendations. The recommendations are likely to be in two categories - things the council can do without the need for any legislation, and things the council can lobby for at national level. The Commission is being chaired by Professor Michael Brown. There are three independent members, two members with "parliamentary experience" and two local councillors. I am one of the local councillors - after being elected as the Lib Dem rep by the Council Group.
Over time I am hoping the Commission will be able to involve as many local people and groups as possible - perhaps by turning up to speak or perhaps by sending material in.

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