Tuesday, 7 October 2008

New Campaign Website against the Garston waste plan

A constituent has created a handy website for people wanting to campaign against the plans for the waste plant at Stalbridge Dock in Garston.

Here is the link to the front page.

Lots of people have written objection letters already, but hopefully this will help those who haven't time to do lots of their own research, or who feel not quite so confident about creating an objection letter, to produce something.

Jonny, the gentleman who created the site, is keen for as many people as possible to know about it so please do pass on the details to anyone you think would be interested.


Rich said...

as a labour supporter in South Liverpool its really quite frightneing how many people think you are still the Cllr for Garston, as is also implied on that chaps site.

Im sure thats equally down to you being a decent cllr and the anon mute nature of the current speke/Garston cllrs.

shame as its an area that badly needs passionate advocates.

Anonymous said...

Last week there must have been over 500 people at the public meeting. Where were you on Tuesday? Why did we just go over the same old stuff?

What happened to the spirit of Liverpool people? Come on! We need an orchestrated campaign to stop JACK ALLEN and his jack boots destroying our environment.

We deserve a better environment. Our children deserve a better future. Don't sell it for 75 minimum wage paying jobs!

Let's fight for what we deserve... NOW!

Anonymous said...

Our childrens' futures are not ours to sell ... don't do it for 75 minimum wage paying jobs.

What price clean air, decent living space, etc?

Fight for regeneration for our future and our childrens' futures!