Saturday, 23 February 2008

Virtue triumphs.. but still starving

Shot out of the house early this morning - no tea, no breakfast - to get on with some delivering. The need to get the leaflets out before the meeting which was mentioned prominently twice meant more than a leisurely hour.

I plodded on, getting hungrier and hungrier. Not a shop in sight, just doorstep after doorstep.

And then, as I bent down to deliver yet another Focus I spotted it.

A Mars bar - complete in its wrapper - lying on the step.

Clearly someone had dropped it while unloading shopping.

Salivating I pondered the ethics of picking it up and chomping through it. My stomach said yes. but unfortunately my conscience said no! The householder was amused when I knocked and pointed it out.

So virtue intact - but hunger pangs still there.

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